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September 30th, 2005

Letting Your Cell Phone Loose in a Bar

Reason #1 Not to Let Your Phone Loose

Like many in the wireless industry, I was at CTIA this past week and I attended a number of evening events. At one party at Roe, there was pretty loud music so it was a bit hard to hear. A gentleman walked up to me at the bar while I was waiting for a glass of wine. He began talking to me about his ring tone company. I couldn’t hear what he was saying (and now I can’t find his business card either), but I did hand over my phone at one point so he could download the application so I could listen later on. Again, couldn’t hear anything.

I was working at home today when this voice began to whisper to me. This voice was telling me to answer my phone. Huh? I was thinking who is rude enough to ring me and demand that I answer my phone? and how are they doing that? I answered the phone, but there was a different voice. I told the person (press in the wireless space) on the line that my phone was whispering to me … I wasn’t quite ready to focus on the call as I was so taken back by the voice. Then it all clicked for me as I realized it was a ring tone that someone had loaded on to my phone. He said, “that’s funny, I heard music.” (his first ring back tone).

Then I played it again – the ring tone. It’s George Bush and he’s yelling at me to answer my phone, but I somehow can’t get the volume up above a whisper. I can’t believe he’s being paid royalties for this. An imitation ring tone?

And what about taking your phone to the bar after work on a Friday? I just received this message from my friends who are at their Stamtisch at their favorite sushi bar in NYC:

“ree rove rou”

Sent by a Blackberry

September 22nd, 2005

Back to Blogging

My fingers are functioning again post-surgery and a month of rest. My wrist is still immobilized and fixed in a funny shape.

I’ll be back to blogging.

As a side note, this does not set off the metal detector at airport security. The TSA staff look somewhat horrified as I walked through with no shoes or belt, but with this sticking out of my arm – and the security arch didn’t beep.

arm hardware.jpg

whole arm jpg.jpg

PS Not taken with my camera phone this time.

September 21st, 2005

Ring tones on Skype

The guys at Qpass had to explain this one to me twice as I didn’t “get” it at first. See article. Then they explained to me that Skype users could purchase ring tones and avatars just like cell phone users. Sounds like a fun idea. I wish my IM could have a bobble-head avatar with it’s own ring tone.