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July 22nd, 2009

More Mobile Web Metrics

Finally had the chance to read through MillenielMedia’s SMART report that they are not publishing monthly. You can download a copy here. (And the color and graphics in the report remind me of a high gloss magazine … so even though there are a lot of numbers, it is easy to see the highlights.)

There is a lot of great data in here that goes beyond traffic per platform or phone. You can see who is spending money in mobile advertising plus a bunch of metrics around campaigns – what percentage have frequency capping, ads per page, etc. Beyond advertising, you can see average monthly pages views per user and average session length.

Bottom line on usage … page views per person is growing as is the session length. I think that speaks to the quality of the experience as well as a shift in consumer behavior – where they are looking to the cell phone as a primary source of news and information – at least in some categories.

Highlights – Entertainmnet vertical is spending the most with Millenial followed by Telecom and Portals. Dating beats out Retail (#5) and CPG (#6) at #4??? The government topped Travel … really?

One of the most telling things I noticed in the data – only 31% of the devices (or is it page views – could be either) are basic feature phones. The other 69% are QWERTY and/or Touch. As you think about your mobile web presence and how you’ll build your site, you can’t help but take this into account.

Also, is Wi-Fi going to be the “true” broadband of wireless for handheld devices? Millenial sees 22% of their traffic on Wi-Fi networks.

I didn’t see Millenial’s “call to action” data that they had last month. Check out the May edition for that data – good stuff if you are an advertiser.

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July 21st, 2009

Do you have a touch-friendly web site?

Met with an interesting company yesterday – Taptu. They offer a mobile search service/technology. They recently launched their iPhone application. They are in the process of indexing “touch-friendly” media. They estimate that there are about 40,000 touch-friendly web sites of which they have indexed more than 3 million pages with a goal much higher than this for the end of the year. They estimate that about 30% of the top 100 web sites as measured by traffic are touch-friendly. It is an interesting idea given the number of touch-screen mobile devices being sold today. Is your web site touch friendly? mobile friendly?

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July 20th, 2009

Pizza Hut iPhone Application

I’m fascinated by this application on the iPhone. It is rich and entertaining. It makes ordering pizza fun. Includes a game. Includes coupons to motivate purchase – but they aren’t pushed out via SMS to trigger the idea of pizza for lunch/dinner.

Is it more marketing or commerce?

The connected nature of the application allows for updates – to the menu (for the basic categories) and promotions. Look forward to seeing this evolve to the point where local restaurant managers can do their own local promotions even based on registered zip codes. I see location-based mobile advertising playing out along these lines nearer term than the auto-tagging of a user’s location with an ad to quickly follow.

Would prefer not to have to sign up online. Mobile-only use cases with individuals are limited today, but I think they will grow in number. Cross-channel (Internet to mobile and vice versa) is an interesting idea, but it isn’t clear that it is needed or wanted – especially on platforms as capable as the higher end devices like an iPhone or Blackberry, Symbian, Palm etc. devices.  -

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