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October 5th, 2009

Amazon Mobile Payments

See Fierce release.

I think this is interesting. Certainly many retailers will use user names/passwords/log-in credentials from their websites. This is an interesting option both for retailers who may not have an online presence today or for consumers who may not have an account with a particular retailer. I’d love to simply use my Amazon sign in to pay at different sites.

This really hit home with an experience I had the other morning. A friend of mine – not super tech-savvy, but reasonable – uses email on her cell phone – walked up to me at the pool. She was really excited. She’d purchased “something” on her phone the day before. She’d used Amazon to do so – she couldn’t get over how easy it was – especially with all the shipping and payment information already “in the system” so to speak.

Convenience, convenience, convenience -

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