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Connectivity Withdrawal – Have a Back-up Plan | Ask Julie Ask
August 10th, 2009

Connectivity Withdrawal – Have a Back-up Plan

I cleaned out my car a month or so ago. Decided I could throw away all my MapQuest and Google Map print outs. I thought, “I have an iPhone, a Blackberry, an N97 – the N97 has especially good maps – why do I still need paper?”

They told us there would be limited to no connectivity on the coast. I thought, “great, I’ll disconnect for the weekend.” While there, the reality set in. I wanted to share photos from the trip on Facebook. I couldn’t. We wanted to check traffic on Route 1 vs. highway 101 on the way back … we couldn’t  (and got stuck in traffic).

I’d lost sight a bit of how much I depend on my phone for non-voice communication. We even left the GPS unit at home … figured we had phones. My phone ended up spending most of the trip in the glove compartment with the radio turned off to conserve battery power. We had no plan “b” so to speak.

California Coast

California Coast

Then I was walking to the coffee shop this morning, and a young woman was screaming at her boyfriend on her iPhone (yeah, distinguishable white ear phones visible from across the street.) I was then wishing that perhaps there wouldn’t be connectivity everywhere. Was so uncomfortable to be in the same public place as this woman.

Then I drove north on Route 101 to Mendocino County for the weekend and south back along Route 1 (the coast).

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