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July 22nd, 2009

More Mobile Web Metrics

Finally had the chance to read through MillenielMedia’s SMART report that they are not publishing monthly. You can download a copy here. (And the color and graphics in the report remind me of a high gloss magazine … so even though there are a lot of numbers, it is easy to see the highlights.)

There is a lot of great data in here that goes beyond traffic per platform or phone. You can see who is spending money in mobile advertising plus a bunch of metrics around campaigns – what percentage have frequency capping, ads per page, etc. Beyond advertising, you can see average monthly pages views per user and average session length.

Bottom line on usage … page views per person is growing as is the session length. I think that speaks to the quality of the experience as well as a shift in consumer behavior – where they are looking to the cell phone as a primary source of news and information – at least in some categories.

Highlights – Entertainmnet vertical is spending the most with Millenial followed by Telecom and Portals. Dating beats out Retail (#5) and CPG (#6) at #4??? The government topped Travel … really?

One of the most telling things I noticed in the data – only 31% of the devices (or is it page views – could be either) are basic feature phones. The other 69% are QWERTY and/or Touch. As you think about your mobile web presence and how you’ll build your site, you can’t help but take this into account.

Also, is Wi-Fi going to be the “true” broadband of wireless for handheld devices? Millenial sees 22% of their traffic on Wi-Fi networks.

I didn’t see Millenial’s “call to action” data that they had last month. Check out the May edition for that data – good stuff if you are an advertiser.

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