February 3rd, 2005

Announcement of an Announcement of a Smart phone

I attended HP’s mobile computing conference yesterday in San Jose. One of the announcements was that they will announce a smart phone sometime in 2005. They wouldn’t say much about it. They did say that it would be targeted at business users. I think this means it could cost $400 to $500. If it’s targeted at the business user, I guess it doesn’t need a megapixel camera or interchangeable skins. They wouldn’t say which operating system … but then again, they really don’t have to given their current offerings. They also wouldn’t say which cellular network.

Someone in the audience also asked if HP would produce a handheld game device of some sort w/ or w/o a phone. They wouldn’t confirm or deny this. ??? an HP-Boy? or H-Gage? They are however doing some mobile gaming work in Korea so perhaps we should look in that direction for any early indications.

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