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Was that Herbie the Love Bug? or the Toyota Yaris? | Ask Julie Ask
April 24th, 2006

Was that Herbie the Love Bug? or the Toyota Yaris?

There was a lot of buzz today around the launch of Fox’s new mobisode series “Prison Break: Proof of Innocence.” The WSJ had a piece as did the Red Herring. This campaign has a lot of good components:

- There were four episodes available today. Seven days is a long time to wait between two minute stories. Four two minute snacks is a good number. Also, the video was well done in that there are a lot of close up’s. I liked it and could follow it even though I have not seen Fox’s show on TV.

- There is theoretical integration among the platforms – TV, Internet and cell phone.

- I applaud Fox for going after the automotive industry. Good target audience for pitching new advertising/marketing platforms. Automotive companies are always looking for new and different in the interactive medium.

What I liked less:

- Not clear who is winning with Marketing. Fox is advertising their show. Sprint customers get to trial more content for free. Toyota is advertising their cars.

- I visited the Prison Break section of Fox’s web site. I clicked on the Wireless tab. Nothing happened. I “unblocked” the pop-up at the top of the screen thinking that would help. A T-Mobile banner ad showed up. Ok, now we’ve added conquest advertising to the mix.

- I visited the Toyota web site. I clicked on the Yaris link, but didn’t find any references to the campaign.

- I looked for the option to opt-in for the “chance to walk-on” to an episode. Found an opportunity to win a Tiffany necklace, but not tied to the show.

- Finally, Fox should have shared some of it’s knowledge about producing for the small screen with Saatchi. They did well to do a 10 second spot, but didn’t show us much of the vehicle. I couldn’t tell if it was animation or the real deal. Even the mobisode had a better shot of the vehicle. Seems like the short spots will be a new art form for agencies.

We’ll be publishing more research on ad-supported video later this year. Early indications are that it could boost adoption, but will not drive mass adoption.

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